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Introducing “Insights”, your new home for premium MLS content

You know how to make your sauce, and we're giving you higher quality ingredients.

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Hey folks, Bobby Warshaw and Joe Lowery here. We’ve been working on a project over the last year and we’re excited to finally put it out into the world…

Introducing Insights, a brand-new premium tier inside Backheeled designed to push the boundaries of MLS analysis. Insights integrates multiple layers of data, league expertise, and 24/7 attention and diligence, all to help you be sharper.

Insights is built on two fundamental principles.

  1. There is room to raise the bar on soccer conversations. We’re aiming for more detail, cleaner thinking, additional process, quicker feedback, and further iteration. And we want to benchmark ourselves against the betting market. The person who can intellectually outthink the market – financial, transfer, betting, etc – can both predict and create the future.
  2. The MLS betting community is underserved. We do not (and will not) suggest that we have picks that will make you quick money. But we will provide you with more information than you’ve ever had before, including a blend of data-driven metrics and subjective analysis. The plays on the field, the tactics, the data, and the news updates that you can’t see because you don’t have the time… you’ll find all of that on Insights.

You know how to make your sauce, and we’re giving you higher quality ingredients. With Insights, we’re bringing you information and ideas that don’t exist anywhere else, including:

  • MLS-specific models to determine team strength and match projections
  • Scouting reports and analysis on all 29 teams in the league, including the shape and tendencies for every team in every phase of the game
  • Depth charts for every team, updated weekly
  • Injury reports and suspension updates
  • Live lineup analysis and conversation in our community chat
  • Previews for Every. Single. Game. Our analysis will break down where games will be won and lost, which players really matter, and who has the edge

Plus, we plan to continue iterating to add more and more value to Insights as we develop a close relationship with our users to understand what they want. Future plans already include:

  1. Allocation Money Tracker
  2. Prop Bet Projections
  3. Team Rating Platform
  4. Live shows/office hours

Ultimately, we know these are lofty goals. That’s why we want our first users to come on the journey with us.

Interested? We’re capping the initial launch at 50 users, all receiving 50% off their first year. To get access to all of this MLS content, subscribe today for $550 per year, which is 50% off our standard price. Starting April 1st, all users can sign up at $115 per month or $1,100 per year.

To learn more, check out the new Insights section here on the Backheeled website. Take a look around and dive into our previews for this week’s three biggest MLS games, along with Atlanta United’s scouting report and depth chart. Those are all unlocked for everyone to explore.

We’re excited to get Insights off the ground. We think you’ll love it.