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What We Do


Here at Backheeled, we cover American soccer — and we do it by going one step further.

We don’t just tell you stories. We’ll tell you stories that change how you think about the game. We don’t just recap what happens on the field. We’ll tell you why it happened. We aren’t buttoned-up all the time, either. We bring you predictions that won’t always be right, but will always be fun.

With coverage of the U.S. men’s and women’s national teams, domestic leagues, and so much more, we tell American soccer stories as they happen.


Backheeled was founded by Joseph Lowery in 2022 and continues to provide unbiased, independent perspectives on all things American soccer. We want our content to be honest, straightforward, entertaining, and insightful as we shine a brighter light on soccer across the United States.


We are a small, investor-free, and 100% independent media company that relies on the American soccer fan base to support our work. While we release some of our content to the public and our free subscribers, our primary support comes entirely from our paying subscribers. We remain very thankful for all of you who continue to support our efforts by subscribing!

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