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After Dark! Tyler Adams causes chaos, New Jersey laws & more

Welcome back to After Dark. We have the weird stuff.

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In this series, we capture the same After Dark energy that permeates late-night soccer games in the United States. There’s no shortage of crazy things happening in and around this sport — and we’re bringing some of the most entertaining ones straight to you.

In this week’s After Dark, we have MLS weirdness, Sergino Dest's Instagram activity, and much more.


There’s this weird thing in MLS where random properties have different parts of their names in all caps.

Like, why does St. Louis insist on using “CITY” in all caps as part of their club's name? Weird. Don’t like it. Not a fan. The same goes for MLS NEXT Pro, the third-division men’s league operated by MLS. "NEXT" isn't some acronym. You don't get to go around capitalizing non-acronyms willy-nilly. Just be normal. Just capitalize the first letter of each regular word like the rest of us.

Anyways, MLS NEXT Pro added another pair of capital letters to its sphere of influence on Thursday: AI.

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