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You’ve been CONCACAFed: It’s imperfect, but it’s ours

American soccer fans are learning to embrace a game that's more tumultuous, even if that tumult occasionally kicks them in the teeth.

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It's not the most difficult thing to outshine a tepid 0-0 weeknight draw, but the dog that invaded the pitch during last Tuesday's CONCACAF Champions League match between the Philadelphia Union and El Salvador's Alianza FC could have upstaged even a real banger.

Its entrance into the match is so layered it looks like it was scripted for some kid-friendly sports comedy. Look at the patience as it waits for a chance to outsmart the careless human and slip through the fencing. Contrast this with the purpose it shows once it turns onto the pitch, beelining for the ball and clamping down on it. It picked its moment, and then it seized that moment by the scruff of the neck.

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