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Your MLS team, analyzed: Atlanta United's viral goal, Sporting Kansas City's changes & everything else

We’re diving into the latest on all 29 MLS teams.

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Welcome back to our two-part weekly MLS column here at Backheeled, where we break down all 29 teams in the league. 

Every Monday after the weekend’s games, we dissect the latest performances, trends, tactics, news, and whatever else strikes our fancy for each club. Joe Lowery takes you on a journey through the Western Conference. Usually, we've got Ben Wright guiding you through the East. But with Ben out on vacation this week, the great Justin Horneker has stepped into his shoes.

You won’t find this level of consistency or insight into your favorite team, your least favorite team, and the other 27 MLS teams in between anywhere else on the Internet.

So, let’s chat about the latest from around the league, shall we?

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