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Why teenage USL midfielder Matthew Corcoran is destined for big things

Here’s what makes the young Birmingham Legion playmaker so special.

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Birmingham Legion

Matthew Corcoran is patient. 

As a tempo-setting passer in the midfield who rarely misplaces a pass, the 17-year-old’s game is defined by his willingness to wait for the perfect window to open. That same maturity has marked his off-the-field path. Before this year’s U-17 World Cup, Corcoran had largely been overlooked by the United States’ youth system. Finally receiving his chance at the tournament in Indonesia, Corcoran became indispensable, starting the team’s three final matches as the U.S. lost in the Round of 16.

A Texas native, Corcoran’s professional journey began when he signed with the Birmingham Legion in the USL Championship at age 15 in early 2022. Corcoran was developed in the FC Dallas academy and debuted with North Texas SC during their time in USL League One, but the Legion offered the chance to train and improve against full-blown adults on a daily basis.

Here's what makes Corcoran so special – and how he can still improve.

What makes Corcoran special

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