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Welcome to Backheeled: it’s the same, but different!

We don't just tell you stories. We tell you stories that change how you think about the game. We don't just recap what happens on the field. We tell you why it happened.

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Hey folks! My name is Joe Lowery and I’m the editor and one of the writers here at Backheeled.

Backheeled launched in May, 2022 as an independent outlet providing quality American soccer coverage. In 2022, we wrote stories from a host of different angles on the U.S. national teams, domestic leagues, and so much more.

We’re doing all of that again in 2023! As always, this will be a place where you can enjoy quality, fun soccer content.

This year is packed with big American soccer events. There’s the Women’s World Cup in July and August and tuneup games before that for the USWNT. The USMNT will get back into action later this month. There will be tons of MLS, NWSL, and USL games. There’s the new Leagues Cup format debuting in the summer. Then there’s the Gold Cup, Nations League, Concacaf Champions League, the Club World Cup, the U.S. Open Cup, playoffs, and whole bunch of other stuff.

Here at Backheeled, we’ll cover all of that — and we’ll do it by going one step further.

We won’t just tell you stories. We’ll tell you stories that change how you think about the game. We won’t just recap what happens on the field. We’ll tell you why it happened. We won’t be buttoned-up all the time, either. We’ll bring you predictions and rankings that won’t always be right, but will always be fun.

So yeah, we’re still bringing you entertaining soccer coverage in 2023. That’s the same.

But if you want to read and support our independent content, you can now pay to subscribe to Backheeled. That’s different. We’ll have the occasional free article, but the vast majority of our work will only be available to paid subscribers.

Look, it’s 2023. You know how this whole subscription game works. We know how it works, too. We’re competing for your attention, your time, and yes, your wallet.

But we love this sport and want to see it grow — and we think there’s so much room for media coverage to grow right along with it. So we hope you’ll join us this year by supporting our American soccer coverage.