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Weekend Recap: MLS Surprise-O-Meter, Gotham’s problems, analyzing Donovan’s San Diego team, and more

In today's Weekend Recap, we're reading from the MLS Surprise-O-Meter, looking at changes in the NWSL, and much more.

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Quick Hits

  • MLS: The MLS Surprise-O-Meter is back and better than ever
  • NWSL: Gotham FC’s on-field issues run deep
  • USL: Are the San Diego Loyal title contenders this year?

We’re back with another edition of the Weekend Recap. Every Monday, we make it easier for you to keep up with the most interesting and important things in American soccer.

Today, we’re taking you through some of the past weekend’s key storylines, including goals galore in MLS, changes in the NWSL, and San Diego Loyal’s performance in the USL.


Lowery: The MLS Surprise-O-Meter is back

You know we had to bring it back.

With goals galore, late-game comebacks, and absurd moments, this weekend’s MLS action was pretty much just as wild as the last few weekends have been. So, with a tip of our cap to MLS for picking up exactly where it left off before the All-Star game on Wednesday, now is the perfect time to dust off the MLS Surprise-O-Meter.

It’s fairly self-explanatory, but just to cover our bases: the Surprise-O-Meter is a very fancy and very technologically sophisticated tool that we have here at Backheeled that displays how surprised something should make us. Its readings cannot be questioned.

Here’s how surprised the Surprise-O-Meter was by some of this weekend’s MLS events…[Subscribe]


Cascone: Gotham FC’s on-field issues run deep

NJ/NY Gotham FC are having a disappointing season. There’s no sugar-coating their 4W-0D-9L record that has them in 11th place in the NWSL with 12 points after 13 games.

Former head coach Scott Parkinson was let go last week and the organization quickly announced that Hue Menzies would be their interim head coach for the remainder of this season. Menzies brings real experience to NJ/NY: he was the coach who led Jamaica to their first-ever World Cup in 2019. It’s not going to be an easy road for Menzies, though. He was on the sidelines this weekend for Gotham’s match in Seattle, which they lost 4-1…[Subscribe] [Read]


Morrissey: Are the San Diego Loyal title contenders this year?

They’re the highest-scoring squad in the USL Championship, but are the San Diego Loyal a title contender this season? Landon Donovan’s team has a strong roster and features a unique tactical style. This weekend’s matchup with the Birmingham Legion said a lot about the state of the Loyal as they approach the playoff stretch.

Before we get to their game against Birmingham, though, let’s rewind to last season.

By most standards, San Diego was resoundingly average in 2021. They finished third in their divisional pod to make the playoffs, but they were the second-lowest-scoring team in the Western Conference playoff field and allowed more goals than any other playoff team…[Subscribe] [Read]