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The biggest thing standing between the USWNT and a World Cup three-peat is the USWNT

World Cup glory is within the U.S. women's national team's grasp, but Vlatko Andonovski and Co. are making things harder than they need to be.

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Quick Hits:

  • Poor attacking decisions and positioning have plagued Vlatko Andonovski’s team for years now
  • With the World Cup kicking off this summer, the United States must address their attacking issues

Teams are catching up — or have already caught up — to the United States women’s national team.

You only need to watch a few minutes of film on Germany, England, France, or a handful of other European nations to find that out. Those teams have arrived. And they showed at the Olympics in 2021 and in a set of friendlies against the United States in 2022 that they’re not going anywhere. The competition for this year’s World Cup trophy will be stiffer than ever before.

The biggest thing standing between the United States and a World Cup three-peat, though, isn’t one of the European countries that beat them at the end of last year.

No, the U.S.’s biggest obstacle ahead of this summer’s tournament is themselves.

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