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Thank you for helping Backheeled give back to our sport!

All of our subscription revenue from last month is headed to TOPSoccer.

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Hey folks! Joe Lowery here — I’m Backheeled’s editor.

At the beginning of last month, we announced that all of our subscription revenue from the month of June — that’s every dollar from every new Backheeled subscription, along with every dollar from our currently monthlies — would go to an organization called “TOPSoccer”.

Knowing just how busy this summer of soccer was going to be, we wanted to find a way to keep some perspective about why we love this sport so much. We wanted to help soccer continue to provide an outlet for people to make new friendships, to support others, and to have fun.

In TOPSoccer, we found just that.

TOPSoccer, which stands for The Outreach Program for Soccer, is a sports program for children with physical, intellectual, or emotional disabilities put on by local US Youth Soccer clubs across the country. The program’s goal is to help people with diverse abilities have an opportunity to play soccer in a structured, safe, supported, and fun environment.

“The longer I've done it, the more and more I see a need,” Arizona TOPSoccer Chair Jason Hall told Backheeled earlier this summer.

The need is real, as Hall said. And you, Backheeled subscriber, helped meet that need.

Thanks to you and your willingness to support TOPSoccer’s mission to help children with disabilities enjoy playing soccer, we raised enough money for TOPSoccer to purchase a bunch of new rattle balls. Those rattle balls will help visually impaired players continue to enjoy soccer. Thanks to you, we raised enough money for TOPSoccer to buy more equipment to help new start-up clubs get their feet off the ground. Thanks to you, we raised enough money to help the organization keep their playing fees down!

Here at Backheeled, we were blown away by your kindness and generosity throughout all of last month. We’re thrilled that part of what we do covering soccer in and around the United States can be used to help the sport grow and have a positive impact in our community. We couldn’t have done it with out you.

Not a Backheeled subscriber, but you want to support TOPSoccer? Click here.