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Dividing every new MLS kit into tiers ahead of the 2023 season

Gone are the days of boring MLS kits.

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Not so long ago, fans labeled MLS kits as boring.

Adidas were criticized for a lack of imagination as they produced a series of plain white away kits for the whole league and charged $150 for them. Mercifully, those days are now gone! Adidas seemingly heard the complaints, given that the MLS kits for 2023 are arguably the most creative in the league’s history. If you want color and snakeskin and kits that look like they might have been designed on some sort of hallucinogenic, this is your season.

Ahead of the MLS regular season, which kicks off on Saturday, I separated all of these new kits into six tiers. Let’s get into the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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