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Q&A: USL Championship President Jeremy Alumbaugh on promotion/relegation, new media partnership, and more

The recently promoted executive chats with Backheeled about a host of big-picture USL topics.

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Image of Jeremy Alumbaugh courtesy of the USL

The USL Championship is a bigger player in the American soccer landscape now than it has ever been. 

With teams earning real transfer fees by developing and transferring young players, multiple stadium projects in the works, and clubs joining next season, it’s easy to see progress in the USL. At the same time, however, with the San Diego Loyal folding and continued challenges fighting for exposure as a second-division league, the Championship also faces legitimate challenges.

To discuss both the issues and the opportunities, Backheeled sat down with USL Championship President Jeremy Alumbaugh. 

Back in March, Alumbaugh was unveiled as Senior Vice President of the USL Championship. Then after the departure of former USL President Jake Edwards in April, he was promoted to USL Championship President. In the past, Alumbaugh served as the general manager of Saint Louis FC and as the CEO of Chattanooga FC.

In this Q&A, Alumbaugh discusses promotion and relegation, youth development, a new media partner, and much more.

This interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

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