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Laminated: Predicting which young U.S. stars will break out in MLS in 2023

There's no shortage of young American talent getting ready to take the field in MLS this season.

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Welcome to Laminated, our weekly soccer predictions column inspired by, well, this tweet.

MLS is a lot of things. It’s weird, it’s chaotic, it’s gigantic, and it’s often ridiculous. But you know what else MLS is? It’s a talent factory — or at least it’s becoming one. Seemingly every year, there’s at least one breakout young star who finds his way over to Europe after a strong season. Ahead of this new MLS season (which starts next week!), there are handful of American players who are strong contenders to breakout.

On this week’s edition of Laminated, I’m predicting which young U.S.-eligible talents will have a big year in MLS.

Let’s get to it.

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