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One stat that defines each team in the NWSL

We combed through the numbers. Here's what they have to say about your team.

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With 16 games behind us in this year’s NWSL regular season, it’s time to revisit the data. Which teams are impressing, and which teams are falling short? The numbers won’t tell us everything, but they’ll get us closer to some answers.

So today, we’re diving into one key statistic for every team, in the order of the current NWSL regular season standings.

Portland Thorns

Stat: 2.25… non-own goals per game

Portland’s attack is elite. I’ve written that since the season’s beginning, and it still rings true with six games to go in 2023. The Thorns are averaging the highest non-own goals per game in NWSL regular season history after netting 36 goals in 16 games so far. Last season, the Thorns scored a league-leading 47 goals in 22 regular season games, and they’re on track to surpass that number in 2023.

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