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New Year, new look!

We have a new look - and a new request.

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Woah, this is new!

You’ve probably already noticed, but things are a little different here at Backheeled than they were last year. The big things are all the same — this is still a place where you can enjoy quality, fun soccer content.

But we have a new look.

You already noticed the clean article layout. We tweaked the homepage, too. There’s a search function at the top of every page. Things load faster on desktop and mobile, we have dark mode, support for reader view, and there’s a comment section now! We’re super excited about all of those small changes.

And then there’s one big change we’re excited about…

We’re now offering the ability for you to support our independent soccer coverage by becoming a Backheeled subscriber.

We’ll still have free articles, but the vast majority of our work is going straight to paid subscribers. Those folks will get access to every article, along with the ability to comment and some other fun perks, too. We’re proud of the content we produced in 2022 and, believe me, we’re excited about doing even bigger and better things in 2023 on this refreshed site.

We love this sport and want to see it grow. Why don’t you join us this year by supporting our American soccer coverage?