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MLS tactics: 100(ish) words on each Eastern Conference team’s approach

Here's how every team in the East wants to play.

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There are 29 teams in MLS.

That’s a lot of teams. Too many, frankly, for any sane person to keep track of all on their own. I, dear reader, would like to inform you that I am not a sane person. No, I am a person who spends an absurd amount of my time watching (and re-watching!) MLS games.

With a new season on Wednesday, I’m here to put my viewing habits to good use by giving you a rapid-fire look at what to expect on the field from all 29 teams in MLS this year. In 100(ish) words per team, I’ll give you the high-level look at your favorite MLS team, your least favorite MLS team, and the 27 other MLS teams in between.

In this piece, we’re hitting each team in the Eastern Conference. To check out the Western Conference, click here:

MLS tactics: 100(ish) words on each Western Conference team’s approach
Here’s how every team in the West wants to play.

Let's get to it.

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