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MLS is back! 10 predictions for the rest of the regular season

In true Laminated spirit, we're making a set of MLS predictions to get us back into the regular season swing.

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Welcome to Laminated, our weekly soccer predictions column inspired by, well, this tweet.

Buckle your seatbelts, grab your sunglasses, make sure the mirrors are adjusted to your liking, and get ready for a bumpy ride, because the MLS regular season is (almost) back folks.

Wow, the phrase “MLS is Back” has a real ring to it. I wonder if any marketing executives have thought to use that as some sort of branding. Maybe for a one-off tournament in the heart of a global pandemic? That could work.

With Leagues Cup — which has been incredibly entertaining, by the way — winding down and MLS’ summer transfer window shut, attention is starting to turn back to the regular season. All 29 teams in the league have somewhere between 9 and 12 games left, and there’s plenty of time for the standings to shuffle themselves before the playoffs start.

In true Laminated spirit, we’re making a set of 10 predictions to get us back into the swing of things to close out the year. All of them won’t hit, but at least they’ll give us all things to watch for over the next two months.


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