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Laminated: Predicting which MLS teams will be most improved in 2023

Here are the teams that have real reasons to be optimistic ahead of this new MLS season.

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Welcome to Laminated, our weekly soccer predictions column inspired by, well, this tweet.

Preseason is a special time, isn’t it?

It’s the only part of the year where fans from every team can reasonably expect their team to do unreasonable things. Anything can happen. Overqualified reinforcements could be on the way. Players could take an unexpected step forward in their development. Coaches could solve soccer and give their team the Ultimate Guide To Winning ahead of the first game of the regular season. I mean, come on, it’s preseason! Everything is in play.

Even with the magic of preseason, though, there are more reasons to be optimistic about some MLS teams than there are for others.

In this week’s edition of Laminated, I’m putting my name down next to the teams that I think will improve the most in 2023, based on their points increase from last year to this one.

Let’s get to it.

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