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Laminated: From Klauss to Evander, predicting which big MLS offseason transfers will keep booming, bust

Which MLS offseason moves are hitting? And which ones aren't?

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Welcome to Laminated, our weekly soccer predictions column inspired by, well, this tweet.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it’s early. The 2023 MLS season is young, we shouldn’t overreact, we’re supposed to give things time — I hear you. I do have one quick counterpoint, though. You ready? Okay, here it is.


Great, with that argument out of the way, this week’s edition of Laminated is all about transfers. We had a flurry of offseason moves go down before this new campaign started. After a little over a month of the regular season, I’m here to evaluate and predict which big MLS offseason transfers will hit (or keep hitting) and which ones will miss. I’m not going to cover every winter transfer — I am but one man — but I will pick five of the most interesting ones.

It’s boom or bust time, people. Let’s get to it.

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