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Columbus Crew, LAFC players bound for Europe? Steve Cherundolo’s tactical approach? MLS Cup mailbag

You asked, we answered ahead of Saturday's MLS Cup.

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USA Today Sports – Joe Mairoana

COLUMBUS, Ohio — I was sprayed by a skunk two days ago.

Is that a relevant detail to include at the very top of this MLS Cup mailbag? Absolutely not. But did I feel the need to share that with you, dear reader? Yup. Now, if we're being technical about it, the skunk sprayed my car right as I slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting it somewhere on the back roads of Columbus, which means only a little bit of the spray managed to find its way into the car and into my clothes. But I’m still counting it as a skunk spray incident.

Anyways, aided by a change of clothes and your lovely questions, I’m ready to dive headfirst into this mailbag ahead of Saturday’s MLS Cup clash between the Columbus Crew and LAFC.

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@PeytonTGallaher: Who are the top five individuals participating in this game most likely to transition to a major European league? That includes players, coaches and executives.

I’ll be watching MLS Cup on Saturday. You’ll be watching MLS Cup on Saturday. You know who else will be watching? European clubs looking for the latest talent to bring across the Atlantic. In many ways, MLS has embraced its position as an elevator – that elevator's best path to collecting more famous people is to help others rise up and achieve bigger and better things in this sport. This question gets right to the heart of that position.

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