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The biggest winners, losers of the MLS summer transfer window

From signing Lionel Messi to big-time trades, MLS teams were busy this summer.

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Hey there, welcome to “Joe Lowery’s Musings on Life”. You didn’t ask to be here, but you’re here anyway, so let’s get right to today’s musing.

People like new stuff. A lot.

Birthday gifts, the occasional splurge, half-off deals…it doesn’t matter how new, shiny things come our way. We’re just into them.

As soccer fans, we like new stuff so much that transfer windows become even more intriguing than the actual on-field action. Watching as your favorite team’s front office tries to build a dream team by wheeling and dealing in the transfer market can trump seeing things actually play out on the field. It’s a strange phenomenon, one that ultimately boils down to a simple truth: people like new stuff.

Lucky for you, dear reader and MLS fan, this summer has been chock full of teams making moves and adding new pieces to their squads. I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but Inter Messi, uh, I mean Inter Miami, strung together more than a few deals. Other clubs from around the league completed some big-money transfers and trades, too. Lots of teams put pen to paper on new players. But who ended up better off after the window shut? And who’s in a worse spot than they were before?

With MLS’s summer transfer window now officially closed, let’s dive into some of the biggest winners and losers.

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