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10 MLS Thoughts: Duncan McGuire’s crazy career, a brutal Concacaf Champions Cup bracket & more

This week, we scout a talented attacker, preview the CCC, and more.

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It’s time for this week’s 10 MLS thoughts, people.

1. NYCFC get ready to make a splash

Let’s stick in the transfer market for a moment longer, shall we?

Reports emerged earlier this week that New York City FC are finalizing a deal for Jovan Mijatovic involving a $9ish million transfer fee. If you’re anything like me, that name meant very little to you the first time you read it. But after doing a little digging, the 18-year-old Serbian looks very, very legit. Like, one-of-the-best-moves-of-the-entire-MLS-offseason legit.

With eight goals in just over 600 minutes in the Serbian top-flight this year, Mijatovic was reportedly the subject of interest from Bayer Leverkusen before City Football Group got their hands on him. He projects as a No. 9 or second forward, but could end up playing deeper or in the halfspaces given his flexible skillset. He’s active in the box, scores with both feet and his head, and can create from deeper in midfield or out on the wings.

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