If you’re looking for the charismatic face of the U.S. men’s national team, look no further than Weston McKennie. Along with Christian Pulisic and Tyler Adams, McKennie was one of the first members of this young generation of American players to move over to Europe. He moved from the United States to Schalke in 2016 and from Schalke to Juventus in 2020. WIth his entertaining antics in training

Yunus Musah glides. When you watch Musah play, one of the first things you’ll notice is how much he loves to knife right through central midfield. With his mixture of strength and technical ability, Musah avoids defensive pressure, reliably moves the ball from Point A to Point B, and creates space and opportunities for the players around him. Musah, who was eligible to represent a number of othe

You know that fly that just won’t stop buzzing right by your ear? The one that you keep batting away, but just keeps coming back? Imagine that fly is much larger and stronger than a fly. Also, imagine that fly isn’t a fly. Imagine that it’s a soccer player. Congratulations, you’re now imagining Tyler Adams. Adams is a pressing, ball-winning defensive midfielder who isn’t afraid to get in

If you remember one thing about Luca de la Torre, remember that he is all about moving the ball forward. At 24, De la Torre is an aggressive, forward-thinking central midfielder who played in England and the Netherlands before moving to Celta Vigo in Spain. De la Torre’s comfort on the ball and his energy in transition make him a valuable midfielder in the modern game. He’s one of the most ent