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We don’t know this for sure, but we’re pretty confident that Brenden Aaronson was created in a lab by someone who really, really loves pressing. Why? Well, because Brenden Aaronson is a really, really good presser. He’ll get in your face, take the ball, and start driving the other way before you even have a chance to figure out what happened. After playing for the Philadelphia Union in Major

Born in Washington D.C., Jordan Pefok grew up in France and played in their youth national team system before deciding to play for the U.S. men’s national team at the senior level. Pefok is your classic, get in the box and put the ball in the back of the net No. 9. He’s tall, moves well off the ball in the box, and exploits the small spaces left behind by opposing defenders. After some time pl

If you’re looking for the charismatic face of the U.S. men’s national team, look no further than Weston McKennie. Along with Christian Pulisic and Tyler Adams, McKennie was one of the first members of this young generation of American players to move over to Europe. He moved from the United States to Schalke in 2016 and from Schalke to Juventus in 2020. WIth his entertaining antics in training

Timothy Weah ranks very, very highly on the U.S. men’s national team’s official sauce chart. He’s not at the top (that’s Sergino Dest’s spot from now until the end of time), but Weah has a ton of skill and is a strong dribbler. He likes to combine, find space, and knife through defenders in the attacking half of the field. He’s also a willing presser, which we’ve seen on display with

Yunus Musah glides. When you watch Musah play, one of the first things you’ll notice is how much he loves to knife right through central midfield. With his mixture of strength and technical ability, Musah avoids defensive pressure, reliably moves the ball from Point A to Point B, and creates space and opportunities for the players around him. Musah, who was eligible to represent a number of othe

Born in Germany, Malik Tillman is another dual-national who decided to play for the United States. Tillman joined Bayern Munich’s system back in 2015 and rose through the ranks there before securing a loan move to Rangers in the Scottish Premiership. Tillman has quick feet, is comfortable playing underneath a striker or as a winger, and has good size for a dangerous attacker. He still has a lot

You know that fly that just won’t stop buzzing right by your ear? The one that you keep batting away, but just keeps coming back? Imagine that fly is much larger and stronger than a fly. Also, imagine that fly isn’t a fly. Imagine that it’s a soccer player. Congratulations, you’re now imagining Tyler Adams. Adams is a pressing, ball-winning defensive midfielder who isn’t afraid to get in

After coming up through the Colorado Rapids academy, Sam Vines became a first team regular during his time in Major League Soccer before moving to Belgium in 2021. Vines can contribute defensively, get forward, and pick out clever passes from the left wing. He’s also more than comfortable rotating into the midfield or into the left halfspace to create space for one of his left-sided teammates.

He’s not the fastest player in the world, but James Sands seems to be everywhere all at once. Because he reads the game so well, Sands can slide over to make a critical tackle in a decisive moment or he can slide over to stop an opposing attack before it’s even begun. Sands can play as a center back or a defensive midfielder and has performed both of those roles for New York City FC in Major L

Ethan Horvath isn’t the biggest name on the U.S. men’s national team’s goalkeeper depth chart, but he’s been stopping shots over in Europe for almost a decade now. At 6’4”, Horvath is an athletic, rangy goalkeeper who has had some promising moments (and some difficult ones) for the USMNT. Perhaps his most famous moment for the United States came back in 2021, when he stepped in during